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Are you looking for paradise? Do you seek a place where you can be caressed by gentle breezes, and where you can go from cityscape to farmland to tropical forest by just driving or cycling down the road? Maui has it all. This tropical island glows with a beauty you will not see anywhere else.

Maui may be one little island but it has so much to offer you. There are pristine sun-kissed beaches on the South and West sides of the island. Drive through tropical wonders on the eastern slope of the West Maui Mountains. Everything you’ve come to look for in a tropical paradise is here on Maui: lush green forests, cascading waterfalls, and black and even red sand beaches will greet you as you go.

After spending time at the beaches, you can visit the Upcountry areas of Haleakala. Beautiful pastureland, where the temperatures are cooler, make this its own special paradise. You can, if you wish, travel all the way to the 10,000 foot summit. Maui offers you this and so much more, which is one reason why residents never feel bored by living here. There are so many unique and varied environments to explore.

If you are looking for a home on Maui, you will have your choice of exquisite homes that lack for nothing in their diversity. Maui real estate for sale offers to you not only dazzling oceanfront estate properties, but plantation and cane style homes as well. Homes in the Upcountry often feature fireplaces for those cooler nights, and other homes are so far off the main roads they are sustainable dwellings, with their own water and energy systems.

Live in paradise, your way. Maui real estate for sale has just the right home for you. Maui is a tropical wonderland, one that warmly beckons you. Surround yourself with the beauty of Polynesia right here in Maui.

The Most Expensive Restaurants on Maui
The Most Expensive Restaurants on Maui

There are fabulous places to live and to stay on Maui, but it's the food that is out of this world.