Maui is one of the most popular destination islands in the world. It’s beautiful, and it has a lifestyle everyone wants to be a part of. There are fabulous places to live and to stay, but it’s the food that is out of this world. Let’s take a look at some of the best and most expensive restaurants on Maui.

What No One Tells You About is Roy’s Kaanapali Bar & Grill. At the entrance to Kaanapali Beach, you’ll find what may just be the best restaurant on all of Maui. Here you can enjoy Maui’s most delicious culinary delights while sitting near a wall of windows overlooking the golf course. Just when you want to re-sample a delicious delicacy, you’ll see something new on the menu that you will want to try even more. Every food creation at Roy’s will leave you feeling as if you’ve just experienced paradise. There is no place better to indulge in the perfect ambiance coupled with food just this side of heaven. Expensive, and divine.

Is Lahaina Grill Affecting Your Budget? Quite frankly, who cares? When it comes to seeking out the best flavors and dining experience, money is no object. The Pacific Rim cuisine is ingenious, and the service is beyond extraordinary. The menu boasts international culinary techniques and only the freshest island ingredients, which whip up to perfection for you every time. Don’t neglect their wine menu where you can sample regional varieties that will have you over the moon. Very expensive and very memorable.

Eating Perfection at Merriman’s. Located in West Maui, you can indulge in oceanfront dining, and know you’re getting the best. Here the cuisine is farm-to-table style, where all the ingredients are organic and from the Hawaiian Islands. Every part of the menu has been designed to entice you to the next taste, where every bite seems to be more tantalizing than the last. Sip your wine in rhythm to the waves and dine indoors or out. Crazy expensive and worth every penny.

If You Don’t Experience Spago Now, You’ll Hate Yourself Later. This Wolfgang Puck restaurant in the Four Seasons resort offers you his classics along with locally inspired dishes. You can’t get any more sophisticated than at Spago. It doesn’t matter whether you are indulging in a Hawaiian cocktail or selecting from the world-renowned wine list, there is nothing you will want for at Spago. This hot spot is a favorite for visitors and residents alike, and is well worth your time and money.

Spoil Yourself with Supreme Cuisine and Presentation Tommy Bahama’s. Dining here in the shops at Wailea shopping center will blow you away. Here your food is not only out-of-this-world delicious, but the presentations are outstanding, which something you won’t see in many places. Tommy Bahama’s Tropical Cafe has Pacific Rim cuisine which is outrageously designed and gorgeously presented. You won’t find greater Hawaiian food than at Tommy Bahama’s.

Sarento’s Romantic Setting is Perfect for that Special Anniversary or Even for Popping the Question. Just north of Wailea, on the south end of Kihei, Sarento’s On the Beach will have you raving. Nestled on the beach with panoramic ocean views, with the islands of Molokini, Lanai, and Kaho’olawe off in the distance, the stunning setting is something you must experience if only once in your lifetime. Sarento’s is looking to help you to create your most memorable experiences, and with their superb service and outstanding cuisine, there’s no doubt that they will succeed beyond your wildest dreams.

Unlock Your Inner French Self at Gerards. The Plantation Inn on Maui is home to one of North America’s most prestigious restaurants, Gerards. Here you will experience French and Hawaiian cuisine, like you’ve never tasted before. Award-winning chef Gerard Reversade has created a culinary dining experience that will transport you to new heights in the world of fine dining. As if the food isn’t enough, there is an award-winning wine list and an opulent dessert menu. Very expensive and very grand.

And finally:

Experience the Thrill of Humuhumunukunukuapua’a. Located at the Grand Wailea Resort, this Maui restaurant is warm and cozy, and perfect to enjoy with loved ones. This Polynesian thatched-roof restaurant, named after Hawaii’s state fish, seems as if it’s floating on a salt-water lagoon filled with tropical fish. Romantic, exotic, and expensive but not a bank-breaker. Simply, a restaurant in a class of its own, up there with the gods.


(Ritz-Carlton Maui cropped image courtesy chadh / CC2.0)